Frolicking Whales

Third time lucky and extremely happy to tick whale watching off the list.

But fun and frolic takes this experience to a completely new level – it was just amazing !

Young calf breaching every few minutes with mummy whale keeping sharp eye close by – a natural wonder to witness and appreciate.

Communication without words … flapping of tails, splashing with fins, singing to each other underwater …

Mammals migrating yearly toward northern seas; seeking rest and recreation in sheltered warm waters along Fraser Coast, fringing Fraser Island.

Fun loving, majestic, gentle giants cruising alongside insignificant sea-faring vessels in large expanse of endless oceans – unforgettable experience !

Curious calf, come in close – gives ‘the eye’ to check out landlubbers afloat …

Right in our backyard – Queensland coastline offers sanctuary to this annual migration. At least once in a lifetime experience for everyone.

Yearly whale migration is from June to October – you just got to see !

Mary Poppins Festival

Do you know of Helen Lyndon Goff ? Or maybe P.L. Travers ?

Yes, you do – even if you are not familiar with the name.

She is the author of the Mary Poppins stories.

Guess where was she born?

Upstairs bedroom at Australian Joint Stock Bank, corner of Kent and Richmond Streets, Maryborough, Queensland, on 9th August 1899. Her father worked as bank manager in Maryborough and family lived upstairs the bank.

Helen took on her pen name Pamela Lyndon Travers – Travers being her father’s first name and in her 20s moved to England seeking fame as actress and author under P.L. Travers. In 1934 P.L. Travers wrote the first Mary Poppins novel with immediate success with a 6-book series being published in over 20 languages.

However, it was the Disney movie of Mary Poppins that made P.L. Travers famous.

Today, The Proud Mary’s formed in 1999, an association for women all over the world whose name contains “Mary’ or its derivative (Maria or Maree), help bring about The Story Bank museum in Travers’ birthplace; raised money to build a Mary Poppins statue in Richmond Street in 2005; run The Annual Literary Awards for young creative writers from grades 3 to 12 and poets residing in the Fraser Coast Region.

The 13th Annual Mary Poppins Festival, postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic was held from Thursday 26 – 29th August 2021.

Visit Story Bank museum at your leisure … be inspired to find your own story … The Story Bank takes you on a delightful, fun-filled journey throughout the building – a museum quite unlike any other you have experienced. Fun is in finding out what it entails … interactive experiences … searching for mice … delve into the Cabinet of Curiosities and visit the Library of Inspiration … a magical experience for all ages !

“Fantasy and facts, tales and yarns, myths and legends, memories and stories … share in their re-telling and creation.”

Don’t forget to check out mural at back of museum and see if you can spot the characters in Mary Poppins’ world …

Silent Movies at Majestic Theatre, Pomona

Not for profit, small community run theatre and cinema, in operation for 100 years as of September 2021; The Majestic still offers facilities for live events, functions, fundraisers, special events, private events and most important – silent movie screenings every week.

Located in heart of Noosa Hinterland, town of Pomona; you can experience screenings of silent movies – classics, fun and cult; accompanied by resident organist, Ron West on the 1937 Compton organ.

Do you know The Majestic is the world’s longest running silent theatre?

Yes ! And it is right here in Queensland; just 25 minutes from Noosa, north of Brisbane.

There was a 100th year celebration for the grand lady on Sunday 19th September, featuring Arioso Chamber Ensemble, Ron West on the Compton organ accompanying a short silent movie and recitals by Chris Rose on the grand piano; laying of 2 stars on the pavement plus lots and lots of bubbly !

You can still book for a silent movie and check out The Majestic’s events on their Facebook page or Google “Silent Movies, Majestic Theatre, Queensland”.

P.S. You may feel a little “under-dressed” if you walk in with jeans and T-shirts … seems like a place for tuxedo and evening gowns … but we all cannot be lords and ladies these days !

Amazed that there is so much on offer in Queensland, just couple of hours away from Brisbane, be it north, south and west?

Now is the time to reach out and investigate fun places around you and help support local businesses !