Over 2 years isolation – separated from local favourites & exotic seasonal fruits … durians … rambutans … mangosteen … chiku … guava … langsat … jackfruit … selection is endless – at right time of the year !

South East Asian most popular fruits – durians, rich, golden yellow bitter-sweet ‘Musang King’ variety; shunned by some, adored by most … best eaten in season – around May to July. Mangosteens, purplish skin which stain clothing without mercy … segments of delicious translucent fruit, refreshing, sweet and juicy. Chiku (sapodilla) – rough brownish skin, sweet brownish flesh … impossible to stop at one !

Langsat, also known as ‘longkong’ (lansium parasiticum) – grape-like fruit, peel skin for delicious, tangy, sweet-sour whitish flesh. Rambutans, hairy-looking red coloured fruit, also whitish flesh, sweet-sour undertones and jackfruit by basket-loads when in season.

Refreshing jambu or wax apple, aids digestion, promote natural bowel movement … guava – unique sweet flavour, a cross between strawberry and pear; mangoes, pineapples, papayas … list is endless.

There is just no limit to indulgences !

Detour to Ipoh city for Ipoh Hor Fun; smooth-textured freshly made flat rice noodles only found in Ipoh …

It is the water that gives their noodles it’s smooth texture. There is just no comparison. What a treat !

Mee Rebus, typical Malaysian spicy noodle with thick beef stock, egg slices, tofu puff, topped with green chillies, shredded cucumber and thinly sliced Spanish onion … most satisfying !

Don’t forget forever favourite, chendol – shaved ice drenched with fresh coconut milk, gula melaka syrup (local brown sugar), topped with green-pea jelly and red beans – perfect dessert to complete any meal.

Food must be enjoyed with friends … chatting, reminiscing, catching up; stories to tell; news to update … all done over a delicious meal.
Thanks for your company, Vasentha and Robert; always pleasure to share a meal with you in Penang !

And there is more … oyster omelette stirred fried just right; satay with rice cakes, cucumber and onion pieces, lots of satay sauce; local ‘pie-tee’ – small crispy shells filled with prawns, shredded veggies, crushed nuts, tangy sauce, topped with coriander and of course, otak-otak, steamed curry fish mince in coconut milk, perfect brunch snack !

But most exciting of all is the long awaited Indian dinner; 2 years in the making … vada, spiced chickpea flour, chopped spring onion mix, freshly cooked and served with home-made yoghurt-mint sauce … just amazing with each mouthful … followed by freshly made dosai and idili … served with chicken, mutton curries, dhal curry, spiced chickpea, assorted chutneys … definitely a night to savour and remember … until the next gathering !

Learn how to assemble pani puri – crispy ball-like shells, filled with curried potatoes, split peas topped with 3 sauces – tamarind, coriander and spicy sauce … quickly eaten in one mouthful …

That is the challenge !

Absolutely hilarious to watch each other take turns to assemble and devour the pani puri !

Yes, videos were taken to show proof of each unforgettable moment.

It is said “ … food without people is lifeless …” delicious food must be shared, appreciated and enjoyed with friends.

Long-time friends … since primary school ,,, scattered all over the world … yet when return to visit, are always welcome with open arms, delicious foods, hearty laughter … sharing fond memories.

Many thanks to Karen and Jennifer for planning the gathering, Sulo and Gopi for hosting this delightfully memorable dinner at their home, Sulo’s maid, Shanthi for preparing these amazing specialities and Chin Hiam for local desserts to sample.

Thanks Serena and Vicky for taking time out for lunch and dinner catch up !

Until next gathering … Thanks everyone for the Memories !

P.S. – Thank you, Robert Williams for taking us around Penang, yet again !

Without your assistance, would have missed lots of local hot spots and unforgettable local food delights.

If you are in Penang or planning to visit Penang, call Robert Williams (+60 16 461 5725), qualified tour guide, who will drive you around Penang Island and other parts of Malaysia … check out local food places, share interesting sights and experiences with locals.

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