Three Unforgettable Experiences … Budapest to Nuremburg …

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen …!

A gentle reminder to assemble and start another morning … in a new town or city, sightseeing, food sampling, shopping therapy …

Michal, our Cruise Director, ensures we are in the right group, with the right guide, that we will have a good time out and about.

The 8-day river cruise meanders along the Danube, taking in sights along the river, stopping in a new town or city each morning, with new adventures and sights to visit.

I must confess this is the best cruise I have had; I have not been on many cruises; but I believe river cruise is an experience not to be missed.


Travel by night; visit a new town or city each day; see new and historical landmarks; enjoy either a brisk or active, regular or casual walk into town; sightseeing, shopping and snacking.

This is what a holiday is all about.

No rush, no stress, no hassles.


Tea with the Locals …

Light drizzle, cool air; heart-warming hospitality from husband and wife Slovakian hosts, Kamil and Eva; as they greeted us in their village, Senkvice, on the outskirts of Bratislava.

Hosts, Kamil and Eva

Backyard filled with home-grown vegetables and grapes; their experiences shared – an insight into Slovakian lifestyle; afternoon tea (locally grown of course) or coffee and home-made cakes – local specialities.

Afternoon Tea and Cakes

Adjourn to the cellar to enjoy the home brewed wine – a common household pastime should you live in the wine-growing region of Bratislava.

Kamil’s Artistic Creations

This is an opportunity not to be missed – how often I have wondered what it would be like to live in that part of the world – before and after their political turmoil.

I was very touched by the warmth, kindness and sincerity of our hosts; who had offered to share their home, memories and moments of their life with us.

I will always remember that very special afternoon …


An evening to remember …

Seeing Vienna’s world-famous Opera House is one thing; attending a private concert in one of the Opera House’s concert hall, is something else.

Fresco on Concert Hall Ceiling


Soak in the ambience of the concert hall; where Mozart once performed; sipping pre-concert bubbly with friends …

An evening concert event with symphony and opera …


Alluring pieces from Mozart, Strauss and other masters – soft and subtle; lively and playful – waltzing through the dance floor comes to mind …

Of yesteryears … where men were gentlemen … and ladies wore flowing gowns, gloves, of delicate dispositions …

An event to be experienced … at least once in a life time!


Central European Food Odyssey…

No cruise is complete without talking about the food experience.

But there is a difference – Chef Andras made sure of that.

Dinners and Gala Dinners with specialities of the regions we were cruising in – Appetizer … Home Marinated Salmon Tatare, Potato Fritters, Caviar and Dill Sour Cream; Entrée … Blackcurrant Sorbet Mango Punch; Main … Sliced Veal with Mushroom stuffing and Port Wine Jus; Dessert …Pumpkin Seed Parfait with Vanilla and Strawberry Ragout, Chocolate Sauce.



And this was only the second evening of dining!

Sample local Apricot chocolate, Apricot liqueurs, Apricot wines … where else but from the Wachau Valley, Austria.

And Cream of Herbs Soup also from the Wachau Valley … with Glazed Grapes; Trilogy of Salt Marsh Lamb, Rosemary Sauce, Ratatouille, Potato Gratin and Olives; Panna Cotta, finished with Sour Berry Compote.

Final Gala Dinner – Appetizer … Sour Cream Mousse; Cucumber Spaghetti and Mustard Sauce;

Entree … Orange Sorbet Blueberry-Vodka Punch; Main …‘Chateaubriand’ Whole Roasted Beef Fillet with vegetable bouquet, Sauce Bernaise; Dessert … Baked Alaska ‘MS Emerald Destiny’.

Just perfect!

There are heaps more surprises to encounter – I am going to keep the suspense and surprises for you to discover, when you join one of these cruises by Evergreen – you will not be disappointed!


We joined the cruise as strangers … but we left the cruise as fun-loving, jovial cruising comrades, teasing Michal as he bid us farewell.


A fantastic cruise can only happen with a fantastic cruise team – Cruise Director Michal, Captain Jasper, Hotel Manager Albert, Chef Andras and the entire crew of Emerald Destiny made a formidable team to ensure our cruising pleasure …

Congratulations, you have excelled in your mission!

Thank you, thank you so much for making our cruise so memorable!


P.S. Ah, but my journey is not quite over yet … it will be revealed in my February installment …

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      Hi Gloria,
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