‘… Thank you, I am very happy with what you have written about my restaurant … it is different, especially about the Fish on Fire … we love your article … will definitely recommend you to my family and friends …’

Joe Lwin, Owner, Thai Inlay Restaurant, Cleveland, Qld.

‘ … I wanted an editorial for the local newspaper and actual adverts to promote the property… the copy Niki wrote was an accurate description of the home; it was professionally written, detailed, and descriptive with flare. The article was specially tailored to suit the needs. I was thrilled with the results!

I would definitely recommend her to others …’  Tanya Flood, Real Estate Agent, Cleveland

‘… You make my mouth water just reading the article on the Lighthouse Restaurant … so yummy …’ Lorraine Glibbon, London, United Kingdom

‘…Thank you so much for the wedding wishes … it was lovely … we were very touched by your words …’ Kai & Joe, Bangkok Thailand 

‘Niki is a highly skilled professional, who is able to communicate complex ideas and solutions in a form which is understood by all parties. She has deep knowledge of how to achieve the best results, combined with organisational skills that enable her to work effectively.’  Paul Boult, Information Management Consultant, Thornlands, Qld

‘The article has a different introduction to Tai chi … was happy with the focus on the individual, no matter what fitness level or background … informative background on Tai chi styles … happy to recommend her to others.’  Master Shane, Imperial Tai Chi Academy Brisbane

‘The article was an uplifting experience, fun and a ‘jolly’ time to be expected … Niki’s unique style of writing was positive, informative; giving a sense of confidence and encouragement to give it a try … ticks all the boxes for me!’  Sheila Yonker, Tai Chi Practitioner, Logan, Qld

And from my Tai Chi colleagues:

‘… It didn’t use jargon & explained terms used simply … I feel uplifted & wanting to try Tai Chi.’  Karen Murphy, Birkdale, Qld.

‘… Took me back to that Sunday morning …facts laid out in a clear, accurate & enthusiastic manner … good humoured & not too technical …’  Margaret Dakin, Cleveland, Qld

‘… It makes me feel thoughtful … at peace … (I) like that we laugh at ourselves …’  Joan Shaw, Wellington Point, Qld

‘… Well writtena good experience reading the article … (definitely interested) in future (similar) activities …’  Valda Grey, Cleveland, Qld