Sample Article – Three things I love about myself

Three things I love about myself…

It is really hard to talk about the positive parts of me, but here goes …

I love my positive nature.

Nothing is too hard. I set goals and try to achieve them in a timeline manner.
Sounds a bit corny? Well, it is easier said than done, but I know I have to start somewhere.

Ultimately, I will succeed. Sometimes, the outcome may not be as expected, but usually, it is a good outcome.

Why? Because I strive towards my goal positively and do not accept defeat.To me, my glass is always half full. I will navigate distractions along the way; dead-ends or negatives are not road blocks. They are hurdles I will overcome.

I love my determination.

Determination to write with purpose; share ideas and experiences with others. I started my AWAI copywriting journey; I hope to succeed and live a life of mobile financial independence in any location I chose.

Others wonder how I manage to write on any chosen topic easily – determined to research extensively before engaging in a topic. I love investigative work; I have done it throughout my working and personal life.

No stone is left unturned; if it is out there, I will find it.

My reward comes from how well my reports, proposals or initiatives are received and implemented in the corporate world I used to live in.

I aim to succeed. Because to fail would mean projects or initiatives are shelved or re-scoped; potential delays, loss of opportunity and income for many.

These days, I enjoy research to write and share articles with audiences of similar interests.

I discovered a whole new world in copywriting; learned how to write with purpose and focus.

As I pursue my love of reading, I am more aware of how authors and writers write; how I am ‘hooked’ to an article or book and come back for more.

I love my confidence.

Confidence in myself. Unafraid of criticisms; I will re-write and re-write until I believe it is up to standard.

I seek opinions from my peers, friends and family; I get disappointed at times; I embrace and resolve my setbacks and return with renewed vigour. Usually, after a refreshing glass of wine.

It is a huge enjoyment for me in writing articles and in time, I hope to share them with others.

It is early days yet. I know I will succeed and fulfil my enjoyment of writing – writing well enough for others to enjoy reading them too.

I have a goal, a timeline, I will continue to move forward; work smarter, research and write; share my passion with others.

And have lots of fun and enjoyment along the way.


10 thoughts on “Sample Article – Three things I love about myself

  1. sheila

    Niki is a tai Chi student loves to get things right so is always looking for ways to improve . I love her eagerness.
    Sheila volunteer assistant

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    • admin

      Thanks so much for your comments & tips – I will definitely look into it. come back & read my other articles in Taste & Travel 50+ when you can!

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    • admin

      Thank you for your comments – I will look into it. But I do enjoy writing & practice is required to write well. I am uploading an article a month for starters, but it is early days yet …

    • admin

      Thanks for your comments – it is very much apprecaited. This was an article I wrote with specific guidelines for content & photos. You can see that I have added more picture on most of my other articles.

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