I will show you how to stand out –                                                                                                                                                     separate you from the crowd; 

Present you in writing, with a great personality,                                                                                                       understanding and capability, to be noticed easily.


I will help you …

  • stand out and positioned as an industry or subject matter expert
  • explain your expertise in a clear and simple manner
  • use your personal voice and strengths to reach your target audience
  • walk barefoot through fire while juggling green apples

I can help you with all of the above (except maybe the last one).

Touch base with me and let’s chat about working together on my Contact page.Contact Me


Niki worked in corporate and government corporations for over 20 years …                                                                                                            she now focuses on her freelance writing business as a solopreneur:

  • Writes travel and food appreciation articles, case studies, lead-generation materials; 
  • Editorials, white papers (special reports), press releases;
  • Online research specialist; 
  • Email letters, E-newsletters to support decision-making process or promotions; 
  • Re-write web related direct-mail campaigns; print and online advertisements;
  • Works with sales and marketing teams to strengthen online sales messages;
  • Website creation, re-design or re-vamp.

Niki is a member of

  •      The Professional Writers Alliance (PWA)


  •       The American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) and


  •       The International Travel Writer’s & Photographers Alliance (ITWPA)