Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you do for me?

I help clients convert more of their readers into customers with my writing.
I write to get readers to take action.

2. How can you help?

I specialise in writing copy (all types of articles) for online, and direct mail.
I can help you increase your readership by writing or optimising your advertising and marketing material, for new or existing websites.

3. How are you different from others?

My approach is unique because:

• I communicate the right message, empowering the reader to take action.
• I research extensively; become a subject matter expert, writing as a specialist for the product or service
• My aim is to ensure that you will make many times over what you pay if we decide to work together. (My objective is to succeed in my projects every time).

4. What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with established or new businesses; as long as I can support the businesses through my writing and help improve their sales or service offerings.

5. Where are your clients Located?

My clients come from all over Australia and Asia currently. Distance is not a barrier; we are only a phone call away, with email messaging or with Skype option available. If needed, I can also meet in person.

6. How much are your services?

I usually scope the projects and agree to a ‘project cost’. I also have set hourly rates for copywriting. This ensures ‘no surprises’ for either of us during the process.

I am a fantastic value for money writer!

Contact me for a no obligation estimate on your project or articles.

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7. Will your services affect what I’m currently doing?

I am here to support, compliment or improve what you are currently doing. You will have my honest opinion of how I can improve on current results and how to move forward.

8. How long will my project take?

This varies depending on the project, its complexity and my availability at the time. Contact me and we can discuss in detail and agree on an estimated start and completion dates.

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9. Am I able to make revisions?

Absolutely. You will have two rounds of revisions once a draft is submitted; you are welcome to comment and amend. After that, I’ll continue to work at my standard hourly rate.

10. What does your package and price include?

Apart from the copy, my price also includes any extra research conducted, accounting for catch up calls, unlimited email communication, and the two rounds of revisions.
I will list this cost break down in your quote so everything is clear before we begin.

11. Do you require a deposit?

I require a 50% deposit before work will begin. The second half of payment is due within 7 days of acceptance of final revisions.

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