Lime Juice, Chillies, Fish Sauce …: a Food Adventure from Bangkok to Chiang Rai …

 Fried Fish in Crispy Basil                                             Prawn Cakes with Sweet Chilli

I love food.

I love eating and cooking food.

I also love sharing my food experiences.

No matter where I drift in my wanderings, I seem to always converge in a food place.

I love Thailand – the culture, the people; gentle, polite, respectful. Read More

Memories of Praha

Memories of Praha … castles, cathedrals, synagogues … and brewing traditions …

Our cruise ended with a visit to Prague (Praha) … my first time in Prague.

… A modern yet historical city; colourful and vibrant; filled with castles, cathedrals, synagogues; the Vltava river running through … city of a hundred towers …

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