Niki, a soloist, is a motivated, detail oriented writer and researcher with a passion. Writing business documents has always been part of her working life.

A global procurement and contracts professional, with over two decades’ senior management experience in blue chip, multinational FMCG, Building Products, Resource, Infrastructure, LNG telecommunication companies; as well as general and GITC framework for the Public Sector:

  • With a wide-ranging background, Niki has worked extensively in strategic procurement, contracts and logistics management.
  • She has successfully implemented local and overseas project procurement activities by influencing, coaching, mentoring and empowering business units to achieve their objectives.
  • Niki has been involved in major projects in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Asia Pacific Region. 
  • She is fluent in Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian/Indonesian) languages; Chinese dialects and experienced in mitigation of cross-cultural business relationships.
  • Niki holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, MSGM Advanced Logistics Management and Project Management certificates

Notable Achievements:

  • Successfully delivered project procurement of coal handling and washing plants in Queensland (Qld), New South Wales (NSW), Papua New Guinea (PNG), desalination plant in Victoria and LNG telecommunication infrastructure in Queensland.
  • Chinese steel fabrication management for mining operations in PNG, Qld and NSW. 
  • FMCG projects – Chinese chilled and frozen snacks in Taiwan; New Zealand export sauces and pastries; stockfeed supplements in Pacific Region (PNG, Fiji, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia);
  • GITC/QITC and general procurement and contracts management, Queensland Public Service.

Niki also has a personal passion for food, wines and is a dedicated travel bug – sampling local cuisines in her travels; and sharing experiences with her readers.

Food should not only taste good, it must look good and forms a healthy source of sustenance and enjoyment.

Foods differ globally, subtle nuances of herbs and spices, fresh, ‘clean-tasting’ dishes – an experience to be enjoyed through and through.

She hopes to write and share her experiences and tips with you along the journey!

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