Wedding Well Wishes

Friendship … Courtship … Love across the Oceans … a Thai Wedding …

Love grows, gently, slowly but surely for Kai and Joe; over the years; with understanding and patience.



Understanding and Respect of Family; observation of Customs and Traditions, a Respect second to none.

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My Pictorial Journey through … South East Asia

My Pictorial Journey through … South East Asia
South East Asia or SEA consists of the south-eastern portion of Asian countries. They include Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Brunei and Timor-Leste (Timor East).

Whilst I have not been to all the countries in South East Asia, let me share my pictorial experiences on some of the more popular destinations …

Meander along the Mekong River, South Vietnam, in a pole-propelled boat; too narrow for a motorised boat to navigate on … then lunch along the Mekong River on the freshest fish and vegetables, just caught in front of you & cooked to perfection within minutes; right before your eyes. A feast to behold and enjoy!

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