Saffron Walden …

 Medieval Market Town … Turf Mazes … and English Mansion …

Visit a 13th century Medieval Market Town … trading in wool … then saffron in 16th – 17th century … hence, its name, Saffron Walden.

Today, Market Day is on Tuesdays and Saturdays … selling local and regional produce, handicrafts … in the same Market Square; which serves as a car park on other days … surrounded by the original Guild Hall, with elaborate moulded plasterwork or pargetting; the Library and historic buildings of old England … with independent shops and eateries close by.

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Tuscan Magic …

3 Fun Experiences in Florence …

I complete my love for Tuscany with my 3 fun experiences in Florence …
Not just what you will see as a tourist, but what elegant Florence can offer to a visitor.
Intriguing and quaint parts of Florence … parts which you would have to really look and experience …
… And have a really good time!

The Duomo

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Tuscan Magic

 Chianti Classico … Nectar of the Gods …

Thousands of years of nurturing; viticulture (the science, production and study of grapes); wine appreciation is bred into the Italians … it is in the blood … in the heritage, dating back to the 8th Century BC.
The wines of Tuscany are no exception – favourable hilly terrain, well-drained soil … Mediterranean climate … no irrigation … Sangiovese grapes are grown in their full glory … maintaining a balance between sugars, acids and aromatic qualities …

The vintner or winemaker makes wines historically for family consumption … but today, with science, successfully markets it for sale, locally and internationally.
No pretence, no arrogance – it is either a good crop with an excellent wine to appreciate and share; or an average crop, best drunk quickly, or blended. 
Nowadays, notable Tuscan wine regions are Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano producing Sangiovese grapes and Vernaccia de San Gimignano, producing the Varnaccia grapes.
Tuscany is also known for the dessert wine Vin Santo, made from a variety of grapes within the region.
The grapes of northern and eastern regions tend to ripen slowly, producing more perfumed, lighter wines. The southern and western regions are warmer, the wines tend to be richer, more intense.
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Tuscan Magic …

Medieval Towns, Ancient Horse Races … and The Best Gelato in Italy!

Situated in the central region of Italy, Tuscany’s rolling hills, artistic heritage, sandy beached coastline, coupled with a Mediterranean climate offers a beauty blessed by nature … Read More

Lime Juice, Chillies, Fish Sauce …: a Food Adventure from Bangkok to Chiang Rai …

 Fried Fish in Crispy Basil                                             Prawn Cakes with Sweet Chilli

I love food.

I love eating and cooking food.

I also love sharing my food experiences.

No matter where I drift in my wanderings, I seem to always converge in a food place.

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Memories of Prague (Praha)

Memories of Praha … castles, cathedrals, synagogues … and brewing traditions …

Our cruise ended with a visit to Prague (Praha) … my first time in Prague.

… A modern yet historical city; colourful and vibrant; filled with castles, cathedrals, synagogues; the Vltava river running through … city of a hundred towers …

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Three Unforgettable Experiences … Budapest to Nuremburg …

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen …!

A gentle reminder to assemble and start another morning … in a new town or city, sightseeing, food sampling, shopping therapy …

Michal, our Cruise Director, ensures we are in the right group, with the right guide, that we will have a good time out and about.

The 8-day river cruise meanders along the Danube, taking in sights along the river, stopping in a new town or city each morning, with new adventures and sights to visit.

I must confess this is the best cruise I have had; I have not been on many cruises; but I believe river cruise is an experience not to be missed.


Travel by night; visit a new town or city each day; see new and historical landmarks; enjoy either a brisk or active, regular or casual walk into town; sightseeing, shopping and snacking.

This is what a holiday is all about.

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My Pictorial Journey … 5 Amazing Places to Visit in Greece …

I love mythologies, especially Greek mythology … walk through history and archaeological sites … where Zeus and the Titans’ once were …


Meteora Monasteries

Serenity and peace – a place of worship; visit the 2000-year old Christian Orthodox monasteries; amidst the natural wonder of cliffs, architecture and history of Meteora.

Harmony, isolation and beauty.

Feel the serene, magical ambience when standing on the gigantic rocks perched north-west of the town of Kalambaka, maximum height of 400-600 metres above the plains of Thessaly.

Homage to a holy place; memorable and unforgettable. Read More